Is MOTHER: Encore an officially licensed Nintendo game?

Nope! MOTHER: Encore is a fan made project, and is in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Nintendo of America Inc., Shigesato Itoi, HAL Laboratory, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates! This is a fan game made by the fans, for the fans! It will always remain free because of that.

Is this intended to replace Mother 1?

No, since it's a reimagining, there's different game design philosophies at play. It's extremely difficult, perhaps impossible to reimagine something and keep everything great about the original intact, especially when you aren't the original creator.

If you want a faithful remake, there is MOTHER: Roots, a MOTHER remake that will borrow a lot of code from Encore.

We hope that you accept Encore as being something that compliments the original, not a replacement. Encore's too different to be considered the "MOTHER: definitive edition."

Will the game be as difficult as the original?

Nope, we're rebalancing the game from the ground up.

What platforms will MOTHER: Encore be on?

It will only be officially available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Since the game will be open source, the community could port the game to other systems! We'll encourage as many fan-ports as possible!

What version of town names will you be using? (i.e Podunk or Mother's Day)

The Phil Sandhop Translation (Podunk).

How can I show my support?

We appreciate your willingness to support! You can show your support for us by spreading the word. Not too much though.

When is the release date?


Are you worried about receiving a DMCA from Nintendo?

Not really.

Will Ninten have PK [favorite thing]?

No, but he will get a different offensive ability to make up for his lack of PSI attacks. The other party members will have new abilities too, but we don't want to spoil what they are.

Will Encore have Rhythm combos?

Nope, Mother Encore's battle themes were not made with rhythm combos in mind.

Will this be playable on the GBA? Is this a romhack of Mother 3?

No, the game is being developed using Godot 3.4.5 and will be released on pc. Besides, Mother 3 rom hacking isn't nearly advanced enough considering Mother Encore's ambition.