So, what is MOTHER: Encore?

A re-imagining of MOTHER with all new content, tweaks and remastered visuals. The soundtrack features remakes from the original game along with brand new pieces! The battle system is also built from the ground up to give each battle a more polished experience. The story adds more depth to the characters you love. The maps have no dead-ends or pesky mazes, and the world is filled with countless little touches to really bring America to life.

Originally beginning as the “MOTHER 30th Anniversary edition”, The scope of the project expanded to the point of becoming no longer a straight remake, but instead becoming a reimagining that intends to redesign the game for returning and new players alike!

The game started development in RPG MAKER VX ACE. This engine allowed for easy development at first but once became troublesome when trying to execute our more ambitious plans. The game was then rebuilt in Godot and within a few months has already far exceeded the original RPG MAKER version. This change to Godot and leaving the code open source also leaves the game open to community-made ports to other systems. Many advanced effects that were impossible to do originally now shine on Godot.

Did we mention the game will be open source? Players will be able to easily create mods and translations. You can also use the code for your own fangames! (Just credit us though.)

OS Windows 7 and upwards, MacOS 10.12 and upwards, any version of Linux
Video Card OpenGL 2.1


Music has always been an important aspect to the MOTHER series, and that hasn't changed here in the slightest. Each song from the original game is given a brand new arrangement to really suit the goal of reimagining the game, but there are some new pieces too. Travel around with rocking tunes such as The Paradise Line and Roving Tank, and fight against various foes of retro, unsettling, or even alien natures.

Be sure to check out Owen (@McThrillington) and Copper (@copperthejackal).

(Owen is currently accepting music commissions)

(Check out CopperTheJackal's game, Hypersomnia)