Get ready to see a whole new spin on the beloved classic!

This is MOTHER: Encore! A Reimagining of the original NES game. Featuring tons of fixes, additions and twists on the classic game!

Join Ninten, Ana, Lloyd, Teddy and some crazy redhead on a journey across America! On a quest to collect the Eight Melodies for Queen Mary, and to stop the heinous Giegue from imprisoning humanity! Get ready to explore new dungeons, play with new game mechanics, listen to Ninten’s Walkman, talk to new people and battle new enemies in this celebration of the game that started it all.



This is you! A boy from Podunk with a hand for baseball and a burning drive to uncover the mystery about his missing great-grandparents. Ninten’s favourite thing after a busy day is to go home, tuck into some prime ribs, and play Penguin Bonanza on his NES.

All hope of uncovering what happened to his great-grandparents were lost until he found a certain diary...


On the surface he seems to be a cowardly nerd, but Lloyd isn’t ready to give up on adventure! Thanks to an interest in machinery and electronics, Lloyd is more than capable of fighting alongside his friends in battle with his deadly cool weapons in tow.

Lloyd spent many years suffering bullying, but all it takes is a friend to come along to unlock his potential.


A polite young girl from Snowman. She's armed with a huge array of offensive psi attacks along with many ways to assist in battle. Since her beloved mother has gone missing, Ana will do anything to find her.

Ana discovered her powers at a young age and has tried to repress them ever since, but when adventure calls, she must make the decision on whether to use them.


A knife-wielding, tobacco chewing gang leader from the big city! No enemy stands a chance against the king of the black bloods. Along with years of crime and fighting to back up his threatening looks, he's never without his trusty knife on standby.

Though... he wasn’t always like this. Maybe he isn’t rotten to the core.